Are you ready for honest-to-goodness change
in your life and business?

Join me for three days this November and leave transformed –
prepared to make 2014 your best year ever!

Dear Budding Entrepreneur:

More than likely I’m a lot like you.  I’m a wife, a mom, a daughter and a typical girl-next-door.

I’m a daughter to an aging parent that I want to be there for whenever she needs me.

I’m a mom to a little boy that I want to pick up from school each day and that I want to play with on summer days.

I’m a wife that still has to contribute to the family finances as well as oversee family meals and making sure the laundry gets done.

I’m just like you.  The only difference may be that I’ve learned how to grow a business that revolves around my life, not the other way around.

And guess what?  Because we’re not so different, you and I, you can do the exact same thing I’ve done.

And that’s to create and grow a business that draws on your strengths, allows you to work from any exotic location you choose (in my case, my jungle of a living room,) and gives you the ability to make more money than you ever thought you could in shorts and a t-shirt.

Ready to find out exactly how you can create a life and business you love?

Then I hope that you’ll consider making an investment in yourself and commit to spending three days with me that could entirely transform your life.

From Passion to Prosperity LIVE
November 6-8, 2013

What is From Passion to Prosperity LIVE?

Betsy teachingThis is your opportunity to spend an extended period of time with me in a retreat setting to learn step-by-step how I’ve created not just one, but two profitable online businesses in less than 3 ½ years.

I teach plenty of webinars and online offerings, lead group programs and train long-term coaching clients but I wanted to give everyone – whether you’re a webinar attendee or a long-term client – an opportunity to spend three days with me to give you the structure, systems and support that you need to grow a profitable, freedom-filled business simply from the knowledge and passion you already have.

Who Should Attend?

Folks that are realizing that there’s an opportunity to live life and do business another way!  Specifically if you understand that authentic online businesses can be created with what you already know.  If you understand and embrace this philosophy but just don’t understand how to get from Point A to Point B, then this is a must-attend training for you.

Already have an online business but just aren’t making the money you’d hoped by now?  Let me teach you strategies designed to quickly grow your business.  I hate to say it, but many times online business owners aren’t implementing systems and processes that could easily pull them out of financial hardship.  I’ll teach you some of my own hard-learned lessons.

What This Workshop Isn’t

You won’t find me promising you overnight riches, the “one thing” you have to do to make money or that having an online business is all play and no work.  What I will teach you are proven, solid online business-building techniques that I learn from my investment in my own mentor coaches and different online training courses that I constantly study.

Why Should You Learn From Me?

Because I think I understand your struggle.  I didn’t grow up with entrepreneurs for parents teaching me at a young age how to set up a business.  I thought it was a given that you had to have a “job.”  I didn’t realize that just because I set up a website that the whole wide world wouldn’t instantly know that I was ready to serve the people who needed me.

In fact, it was only after I’d been in business for about nine months that I went to an online business-building workshop (very similar to this one) and was exposed to a whole new way of doing business called “attraction” marketing.

I have been at every stage from beginner to a successful business owner and I remember each of those stages clearly – the challenges, struggles and, yes, small triumphs, that each one of them brought me.  I both empathize and celebrate with you and I genuinely want to help you.  Bring it on!  There’s nothing I haven’t seen.

Here’s What My Clients Say

George Newman

Betsy – your discussion on the focus of your website on the customer’s need was very enlightening for me. I am looking forward to changing mine now! - George Newman

Jo McMahan

My website is just now being developed, but I already see things I need to change based on your suggestions. – Jo McMahan

After talking with you today, Betsy, I now have more clarity about what I’m going to do and where it can lead me long term…I even sketched out a training series AND I even came up with a concept for my freebie. Woot woot. Thanks again!!
– Jennifer Rowell

What You’ll Learn

Betsy teachingFirst you have to understand that I am genuinely serious in helping you create and grow a business – and lifestyle – that you love.  That’s why I’ll share every possible tip, nugget, strategy, process and tool so that you’ll be a happy entrepreneur.

I believe that there are mainly three areas that entrepreneurs need to work and focus on:

  • Mindset
  • Establishing a Solid Online Presence
  • Marketing and Sales

Specifically I’ll be teaching how to…

Develop confidence, hope and faith that what we’re creating is purposeful and needed by people that have been waiting to hear from us

Craft a unique marketing message that attracts your ideal clients

Establish your presence online (we’ll cover a few technical aspects that might be holding you back)

Structure the wording in your website to assure potential customers they can trust you

Develop your unique “signature system” to consistently present to your community

Present and package your knowledge into different formats for multiple streams of revenue

Present offers and ask for sales without feeling “salesy”

Take advantage of free content marketing sites

Prioritize your to-do list

Use social media to grow a loyal community that you’ll market to

And a whole lot more!

Joe Shelnutt“Betsy is the reason I have renewed hope for my business…”

Betsy Baker and her Emergency Turn-Around Clinic was a windfall for my consulting business and for me personally. I was struggling with finding direction, marketing, organization and so many other things that make an on online business successful. Betsy was able to speak my language and tell me what I needed to do and when. She was also able to give me clear examples from her own experience and not just theory.

My only hesitation with joining the Emergency Turn-Around Clinic wasn’t with Betsy or the advertised benefits of the program. It was with my own fears about spending money and not getting specific results. Those hesitations turned out to be unfounded because Betsy delivered targeted areas of consulting that pertained to my situation. The value of the clinic was tremendous. I got so much more than I expected.

The ability to learn from Betsy in a group setting, coupled with one-on-one attention each month was a real boost for me. I was able to bring my unique situation to her and get customized attention to my needs. I learned how to zero in on my specialty and let go of all the clutter that was holding me down. I also learned where to look for potential clients and how to use the power of social media to recruit those clients.

Since completing the clinic I have reinvented my entire consulting business model. I now have a website that is functioning as a real recruitment tool and an effective promotional tool for my skills and abilities.  As a result of Betsy’s coaching I now have my own “signature system” specifically designed for conservation nonprofits and I have just completed an eBook outlining how that system works. With Betsy’s encouragement I have developed a product and services line for conservation organizations. That’s something I never had before.

Very soon I expect to be conducting my own webinars and promoting my business through selected social media outlets. I am already reaping the benefits of having a focused and professional website. In the coming year I am striving to pick up three additional long-term clients and engage four groups in my newly developed eCourses.

Betsy is deserving of my highest recommendation. Since her clinic I have been telling people how much information I received form her and how cordial and positive she was through the entire process. Betsy is the reason I have renewed hope for my business and that means so much more for me than just a job. It means I have the potential to be completely independent and still have the ability to support my family. Thank you Betsy!

Joe Shelnutt

But My Business Can’t Be Taken Online

Oh, really?  Check out some of these professionals that are making hundreds of thousands of dollars (and more) online:

  • Nonprofit Fundraiser,
  • Lawyer,
  • Chiropractor,
  • Insurance agent,
  • Hair salon owner,
  • Scrapbooker,

The list goes on and on.  The idea behind using your skills for an online business is teaching someone how to do what you already know.

“Betsy has become a true friend as well as the BEST COACH
I could ever have asked for.”

Betsy and LynWhen I first talked with Betsy about coaching me in beginning my new online business, I could clearly tell that she wanted a successful business for me and that she was what I wanted and needed from a coach.

With Betsy’s help, I now have my business up and running.  She helped me identify my ideal client, the purpose of social media and how to use it and how to get the best use out of my website. 

Betsy does not let me get away with anything – she has an innate ability to know what buttons to push and when to not push so hard.  Sometimes I realize I need her to push me a little to understand myself better and that’s okay.  I always walk away from our coaching sessions with “aha” moments.

Through Betsy’s private coaching, I now have a better understanding about how to run my business and be my own boss.  Yes, at times there frustrations, but I am learning so much that’s going to help me be even more productive in the future.

Truthfully, I doubt I would have ever started my own business if I had not found Betsy.  There is a security, a safe haven and a really good friend all wrapped up in one that’s helping me be the entrepreneur I never was sure I could be. Betsy is that person.

In the end I want to say that Betsy has become a true friend as well as the BEST COACH I could have ever asked for.

Lyn Watner, Founder and President

So, now, please take one of two actions:


You’ll get:

1.    Your own binder full of retreat notes, worksheets, templates, calendars and checklists
When you’re at the workshop, my intention is that you stay focused on learning, listening and absorbing all of the content I’ll be sharing. Because of that, I’m making sure you get absolutely everything you need in a thick, content-packed workbook that will be your own personalized guide to a 6-figure business and beyond.

2.    A copy of my own Recommended Resources list
Worried about how you’ll find the technical support you need and the different resources I mention that helps keep my own business on track?  I know how overwhelming that can be, which I why I’m glad to offer you my own personal list of trusted resources.  The bottom line is that this list is going to save you a ton of time and worry.  I’ve already done the homework for you.

3.    A deeply discounted hotel room that includes the hotel’s famous gourmet breakfast buffet
I’ve talked the hotel event planner of the wonderful Embassy Suites (actually an old friend of mine from Troy Smile) into a $99 a night rate + inclusion of a breakfast buffet each morning of your stay.  This is not just a hotel room – this is a suite.  Look how beautiful it is here.  Also, you can use Hilton rewards for your stay.

4.    One-on-One time with me
I’m purposefully keeping this event small so that I can personally meet with each and every participant to answer entrepreneurial business questions.  Your individual business is important to me and I want to personally help you succeed.

5.    Surprises you’re going to love
Honey, in the South we do things up around here!  I have extra-special surprises that I’ll have waiting for you throughout our time together.  You’ll just have to wait and see what I have in store for you. Smile


- OR -

If you’re not quite ready to make a decision, then I urge you to schedule a quick chat with me to see if this retreat is right for you and to answer any question that you might have.

I would love to welcome you to my reality…waking up to new orders in my inbox and money deposited overnight into my bank account…never having to “ask” for time off…never having the fear of being laid off…loving my life and my work…

It’s not fancy, but I love my life!  I want you to as well.

Join me?

I’ll see you in Sweet Home Alabama!




P.S. When exactly did we buy into the notion that we had to forego life at the expense of going to a job every day?  You don’t have to!